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A gem of a book for all dog lovers.

By Louise Capperon 1 August 2017

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The cover showed the heroes of the book, brothers Brandy and Brinkley looking happy and mischievous whilst jumping through a dog flap. It turns out that when Jed the repairman puts in a new dog flap it magically turns into a time travel capsule which transports them to London in 1665 during the reign of King Charles I.

I was surprised to see that it is a full size 270 page book and although Brindy described it as a childrens book I must admit I got totally absorbed into the adventures of the two dogs and how they adapted to life in the plague ridden streets of London, and if they managed to find their way home.

I loved the way Brindy described the personalities of the two dogs who were a bonded pair of brothers but with completely different characters.

A fantastic book to introduce to a child as their first novel or to read to younger children. It's an absolute gem and begs to become part of a series where the two little dogs go off on their time travelling adventures.


5 Star Review - Amazon

By Amazon Customer on 7 Jun. 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
My 11 year old daughter loved reading about the dogs adventures.
One of her favourite books.


Reviewed by Deborah Lloyd for Readers' Favorite  4 Stars

A normal day for Brandy and Brinkley in their garden in Nottinghamshire, England, changes quickly. Brandy and Brinkley, spaniel brothers who live comfortably with Grampy, meet Jed. He installs a new doggy door and gives each dog a new collar. Running through the door, they suddenly are in London, in the middle of the Black Plague in 1665. Soon, the dogs discover they are named King Charles’ Spaniels as they live in his palace. London is a dangerous place to be in this era, with the plague killing thousands of residents, multitudes of frightening rats, ferocious street dogs, and crowded streets. Author Brindy Wilcox describes many harrowing scenes in the children’s book, Through Time to London, as these two loving dogs devise a plan to find their way home to the twenty-first century. Jed appears to the dogs in London too, explaining the magical powers of the doggy door. 

In this children’s book, geared for the older elementary-school student, a great deal of history is imparted within the adventurous story of two adorable spaniels. Their observations and experiences will keep a child engaged in learning about the terrible plagues of the seventeenth century. The skillful writing style of the author has encased real facts in an engaging and educational format. In the fictional work, Through Time to London, author Brindy Wilcox presents tragic events in a format acceptable to children. There is some information that can be difficult to read, such as dead-carts where the newly-deceased are transported from their homes. The book ends with a promise of more adventures with Brandy and Brinkley, time-traveling to another era in history.


5 star review Nora Barlow Manchester. 29th April 2017 
I thoroughly enjoyed the book. So much so I avoided the last chapter for a time as I didn't want the story to end. Very exciting-worthy of a Disney film!  


By LynnieV on 5 Nov. 2016 California 5 stars

Although this is classified as a children's book, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and can't wait to read the next installment of Brandy and Brinkley's adventures through time. My 10-year-old grandson is also enjoying this book. My friend borrowed the book and she is reading it to her 2nd grader who has learning disabilities. He is excited when bedtime rolls around and he gets to engage in another chapter or two. It is well-written, and the end of each chapter is a bit of a cliff-hanger making you eager to start the next.

Congrats to Brindy!! Just finished her book and the adventures of B+B and Grace. Very individual, imaginative and fun. She's one bright authoress with a unique story-telling gift. Well done....she'll go far - well, another 10,000 years backwards!!!!!
Ted - London 1st November 2016


I read this book prior to giving a copy to my grandsons; I’m not good at sticking with a book unless it grabs me in the first couple of pages but I have to say I started to read this and, if it wasn’t for the fact that I had an appointment, would have finished it in one go.

I became very involved with the characters, and was quite mortified that Ghost might not have made it……..

I like the idea of learning a bit of history without actually realising it and having visited the plague village of Eyam many, many times, particularly like the hint into how the plague was transferred to that beautiful and tragic place.

All the time I was reading this book I could visualize it as an animated film that would keep my youngest grandson in particular, on the edge of his seat, gripped not only by the cuteness of the dogs, but anticipation of the outcome.

Great book. 5 Stars 

Sue, Sheffield - 23rd September 2016


I've just finished your book and I've absolutely loved reading it and would like the next one as you have left it on a really good cliff hanger, and it's made me so eager to read the next one as I have to know if they manage to save Grace from whatever danger she is in... I've really enjoyed reading this book, thank you for giving me the pleasure and chance to read your fabulous book

Sammie, Lincolnshire. - 22nd September 2016

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